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3D testing of AMC surface
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Microbiology; real world testing; proof of concept

Industry and academic research groups

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Microbiology; real world testing; proof of concept

Ecotoxicological testing

We deliver reliable environmental toxicity testing and related services (incl. antimicrobial efficiency testing)

Producers of chemicals, nanomaterials, environmental protection services

This research is currently continued by ecotoxicological studies of Purtse river contaminated sediments within the framework of the EU LIFE IP CleanEST project (2018-2028)

safety, antimicrobial, toxicity

Accelerated durability testing and evaluation of coatings and surface treatments

SIRRIS is active in the field of materials & surface treatment for over 30 years and has extensive knowledge about development, upscaling, application & analysis of wet-chemical and ceramic coatings. SIRRIS operates a well-chosen equipment for mechanical & functional testing of coatings, accelerated tests for testing the durability of coatings and their functionalities in time.

Research & Industry who develop or integrate (antimicrobial) coatings or surface treatments and want to assess the performance & durability in function of time.

Academic Research projects on the development of new coatings
Industrial Applied research projects

Coatings, Durability, testing